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Cosmetic orthodontics | OrthoEd

The future of cosmetic orthodontics The term ‘cosmetic orthodontics’ covers 98 per cent of cases a GP will face when asked by patients about orthodontic options. The vast majority are adults who just want straight teeth. They present to you as having...

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Orthodontic support | OrthoED

Orthodontic Support from Orthoed | Smilefast They say no man is an island and this is particularly true when it comes to complex oral health problems. As dental professionals, we draw a certain level of comfort from seeking guidance from those with more...

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Orthodontic training

Orthodontic training for dentists Many dentists do not realise that they can offer Smilefast to their patients even if they do not have full postgraduate training in orthodontics. At Smilefast, we pride ourselves not only on supplying a quality product...

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The beauty of short-term orthodontics

The beauty of short-term orthodontics It’s a common misconception that all orthodontic treatment takes years. While in some cases, that’s definitely true, often much shorter periods are required to significantly improve dental alignment and other...

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Bite magazine Editorial

We recently wrote an editorial for Bite Magazine, discussing some of the keys to successfully implementing orthodontics into a dental practice. We covered 3 of them in the article below, but this is the bare minimum when it comes to orthodontics in your...

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Ever since I have known Geoff he has impressed me with his unwavering passion and dedication to better himself as an Orthodontist with a singular purpose of providing the best of care for his patients. And as a result he has developed unique knowledge, skills and insights into the practice of Orthodontics. These he very eloquently and energetically shares with colleagues in his courses making them fun and professionally very rewarding.
 Geoff is “Primus inter pares”…a first amongst equals

Dr Rohit Sachdeva, Founder and developer of suresmile, and inventor of the copper niti archwire.




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